Breast/Chest Pad Refill Kit


Our breast/chest pad refill kit contains 4 pairs of super soft, antimicrobial, reusable, washable bamboo velour breast/chest pads. Free shipping!




The Luna Lactation™ breast/chest pad refill kit contains:

  • 4  pairs of breast/chest pads – These antimicrobial, reusable, washable bamboo velour nursing pads are extra soft and can be used with or without the warmer packs inserts
    • The blue pair is extra absorbent for heavy leaking/nighttime use and the yellow pair is for daytime/regular wear
  • Patent-Pending


Refund Policy: Due to the personal nature of the kit and COVID-19 safety, we do not accept any Luna Comfort Kit product returns. We strive for excellent customer service, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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