About Us

As a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, I have been caring for families for over a decade. I’m proud to have invented a one-of-a-kind product that provides therapeutic relief for many causes of breast/chest and nipple soreness. Our unique, anti-microbial, instant breast/chest warmer pads are just what the lactation consultant ordered.

Luna Comfort Kits were invented out of necessity! For years I had been trying to find a product or solution that would provide instant, long-lasting warmth and comfort for my patients. From this need, the Luna Comfort Kit was born.  Researchers agree that warmth can help prevent and reduce many causes of nipple pain. Read more. 

A little bit more about the founder of Luna Comfort Kits…

Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC is a board certified lactation consultant, neonatal oral-motor assessment professional and wellness clinician in private practice. Melissa has been passionate about providing comprehensive, holistic lactation care and education to parents and healthcare professionals for over a decade.  Melissa holds a bachelor of science degree in maternal child health and lactation consulting and her master’s work is in therapeutic, clinical herbalism. Melissa actively conducts research and collaborates with several lactation and health care professional associations.

Before pursuing a path in lactation, Melissa lived and studied in Japan. She was also a language instructor for almost a decade. From this background in culture and education sprung a deep love of supporting and educating families. Melissa also has an extensive background in herbal studies and holistic health.  When not helping mothers and babies, Melissa can probably be found lecturing, researching, writing, or attending a conference; she is passionate about health and lactation, to say the least!