• “I’ve used the packs for two nights now... They stayed really warm for over 12 hours…I’m using them to help with suspected vasopasm and soothing... I will say I have felt fewer signs of vasosasm since I first used them several days ago. The pads just feel really soothing and help with my general aches and pains in my breasts and sore nipples... ...I could definitely see using this product regularly! They are very soothing, especially at night when I usually notice my symptoms more...- you can’t really tell under clothing that they’re there, which is nice. I actually had them in during a yoga class this morning. I like that you can wear them out during the day, which I would definitely NOT do with a rice sock. ;-)"  

  • " I really like the Luna Comfort Kit! The warmth is very soothing for a momma who has sore nipples and breasts.... I really like the look and how the heat packs fit nicely inside the absorbent pockets... They stayed warm for 12+hours! This was awesome!...I like the mesh washing bag for these too. Keeps everything together and organized!"

  • What a great idea! I’ve let other nursing moms know and given them your information!  If I’m going out in the cold then I’ll grab these warmers...for vasospasm relief and soothing. I use the pads regularly when going out in the cold for walks, playing in the park, etc....Polished packaging, love the washing bag- I use it regularly!

  • "I have vasospasm, with the main complaint being inflamed, sore nipples. I needed soothing… My impression was that it felt pretty wonderful to see a product that was manufactured just for this purpose. Up until this point, many of the tricks I’ve used for comfort involved rigging up random household supplies… I wore my first pair at night, and they were still warm when I woke up for our 3 am feeding (5 hours)…. I appreciated that the pockets (pads) could be used without the warm packs..."